Incorporating as a Non-Profit Press

Now that our Kickstarter campaign is underway, it’s time shift out attention to incorporating.

By far, the least interesting part of the process of starting a press has to be incorporating. Maybe there is a law geek out there somewhere who enjoys writing up (or cutting and pasting more likely) mundane paperwork, but for the rest of us it just isn’t fun.

Natural History Press is incorporating in Massachusetts as a non-profit press. What’s needed varies on a state-by-state basis, but the core procedure remains the same. First you file in your chosen state, then you file federally. The paperwork is actually straightforward. Most states just ask for the name of the corporation, the purpose, the directors, and maybe one or two bits of info. The idea is to make the purpose of the non-profit as broad as possible so as to give you maximum flexibility within the framework of a 501(c)(3).

Filing the paperwork yourself is easy. Sure, it is advisable to have a lawyer do and/or check the paperwork, but that takes money or waiting on a line for a pro-bono handout. Most states, Massachusetts being no exception, have the paperwork online. If you try your hand at Google, it is also possible to find competed forms online to use as a guide. It isn’t rocket science, or even a complex legal document, so we’re willing to take this very tiny risk. It also helps that there are great resources [1][2] available freely for those who look.

We’ll be filing the paperwork soon. Once that’s done and approved we’ll put it up here (sans personal info) for others to take a look at.

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