Incorporating as a Nonprofit in Massachusetts the Easy Way

We last reported how easy it is to find examples of articles of incorporation and adjust them to your own needs. Upon publishing that post came a great deal of reflection and the decision that something terrible might happen if we didn’t do greater research.

As a result we purchased NOLO’s book How to Form a Nonprofit Corporation [1][2]. This is a good book. What we learned was that we were basically correct. There weren’t any big changes made to the articles of incorporation—our understanding of how to file and what to say remained unchanged. But NOLO’s book did educate us on requirements of a nonprofit and will likely be an even greater asset as we now move on to file for 501(c)(3) status. It also helped create a solid set of bylaws, which will prove invaluable when filing for 501(c)(3).

The nice thing about Massachusetts is that you can file online. There’s a extra $5 convenience charge, but that’s well worth it if you ask us. The only consistently annoying thing that we’ve discovered about incorporating is that no one tells you if you are successfully incorporated. In Massachusetts the a-ok comes in the form of the state issuing the charge to your credit card.

By the way, if you are looking for examples of articles of incorporation, look on your state’s website. In Massachusetts there is a searchable database of corporations. This database contains all filings, including the articles of incorporation. It is a great research tool.

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