Kickstarter Mistakes and lessons

The process of setting up the actual kickstarter page is very straight forward. In fact, it’s about as easy as anything could be, but there’s a small catch: payments and verification. Both of these are a bit annoying.

Verification is the lamest of the two. I recently moved into an apartment. Giving Kickstarter’s verification my current address resulted in a question about who I lived with there. The problem was none of the choices were correct. The solution was easy enough, I used my last address.

The payment system is little more annoying. First, Kickstarter and Amazon will eat up to about 10% of the money you raise. For Amazon in particular, who’s only service is processing payments, this seems a nice chuck of change for doing next to nothing. Kickstarter, on the other hand is offering a platform, so that’s at least respectable. But the real curveball for us was that you must have your Amazon Payment account fully verified before you can launch the campaign. Kickstarter warns you this could take up seven days, but doesn’t warn that it can’t be started before this happens. So the lesson is to get absolutely everything verified a week (or two weeks to be safe) before you plan to launch.

Here at Natural History Press, we’ll be applying this lesson to everything we do.

One thought on “Kickstarter Mistakes and lessons

  1. Alvin Homkins

    It seems to me that on many levels these two lines from Rae Armantrout’s “Natural History” are apt enough to be shared.

    “Which came first
    the need or the system?”

    And then there’s this other line which is not at all apt, but informative.

    “Soldiers have elongate heads and massive mandibles.”


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