Month of Big Hands


“Andrew Morgan’s poems are tough and sinewy.  They are also a light touch on the heart.  Combine these two qualities and you end up with something original, like a balloon that won’t break, like a kiss you aren’t likely to forget.”

—James Tate

“Andrew Morgan’s mind provides necessary protection via its mythic narratives, new ones, with deja vu written everywhere into them.  I’m so glad to have Month of Big Hands to read, its exponential potential inherently quintessential, coming from a trusted vivifier, haunting and verifying.”

—Dara Wier

In Month of Big Hands, Andrew Morgan creates a stunningly beautiful world of violence, loss, and need. This book is a masterfully written prose poem which is as mysterious as it is engaging. The poem focuses on the ephemeral connection between three main characters, Elly, Herzog, and Robbie. As the story of the poem unfolds, their struggles and the savage world around them takes shape. Much akin to the tattered diary of a lost soldier, this book is a type of meditation. It is a gorgeously drawn portraiture of how we function within uncertainties and devastation.

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Andrew Morgan